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The children of Assam’s eviction drives: away from home, out of school

This article was originally published in The Indian Express in May 2023. Full article here. With their parents unable to afford private schools, and middle-and high schools too far from the resettlement camps, many children whose families have been displaced during eviction drives have had to drop out of school At 12, Habija Khatun is […]

Call Me By My Name: How ‘Miyas’ in Assam are reappropriating the slur

They are young, full of dreams, and are calling themselves the ‘Miyas’ of Assam. What does poetry, identity and the NRC offer them? For three years every day at 5 pm, Mirza Lutfar Rahman’s voice would crackle on radios across Assam: “Nomoskar, Yuvabani’loi xokolu srotak’e moi Mirza Lutfar Rehman’e swagatam jonaisu” (Greetings, I am Mirza […]